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    'Battles of a Heavy Heart' Chantal Claret

    'Battles of a Heavy Heart' is now available on iTunes

    Hear 'We Don't Give A Damn' from 'Battles of a Heavy Heart' on the 2/23 episode of MTV's Eye Candy & hear a brand new unreleased song on this week's episode of 'Nashville'

    Watch Chantal & Jimmy sing Daisy Bell on Pancake Mountain featuring a Weekend Pancake Report by Gerard Way.

    Hear 'Once You Break A Man' in the 'Kingsman: A Secret Service' trailer.

    'The Girl is Back in Town' Chantal Claret

    Put a new song ‘The Girl Is Back In Town’ on iTunes! Why not?! Cover photo by Jeremy Saffer.
    "The Girl Is Back in Town" - Single by Chantal Claret
    Buy it on iTunes

    'No Good Way To Die' Chantal Claret

    "No Good Way To Die" EP is now available on iTunes. Excluding the bonus track which is only available on vinyl. Cover photo by Leigh Reighton.
    Buy it on iTunes.

    My new EP ‘NO GOOD WAY TO DIE’ is now available in my new PLEDGE campaign. I am offering signed vinyl, handmade t-shirts, signed polaroids, portraits, phone calls, old bras, trips to Disneyland & more!! Ch-Ch-Check it out! and PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD! Click here.

    Singer Chantal Claret

    You can hear much more of "Once You Break A Man" in the new trailer for Outlander & Black Sails on STARZ.

    Hear part of one of my new songs ‘Once You Break A Man’ on the promo for the Starz show Black Sails. Hooray!!

    Psyched to announce that James and I have singing/acting roles an upcoming movie musical from the cult director of Repo The Genetic Opera. Just finished filming our first scene with David Hasslehoff, that's
    bonkers! More info here >

    Singer Chantal Claret
    singer chantal claret's tumblr

    In the May music issue of @teenvogue talkin’ bout #gothabilly. Thanks for the photo of the mag @ultravioletcupcake

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